Once is Not Enough for Naturally Nepal

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Our Mission

Vista Trek (P) Ltd. was established out of a great desire to social work. We, the founders, had always hoped to do something positive for society but had not been able to find a way to begin. In the mean time a mutual friend of ours developed a keen interest in Nepal’s natural and cultural heritage, the situation of the Nepalese, how we lived, spent our lives, and the poverty that exists in our country. Our friend’s heart was touched, and she encouraged us to do something together for society. However, none of us had enough money to launch a project like that. So we thought a lot, and after a long discussion we came to the conclusion to start a trekking company. We had all been involved in the industry for a very long time, so we could put our experience to use. As our company grows, we intend to continue to increase our contributions to various social programs thereby helping others who really need it.

As Nepalis, members of society, and as a responsible company, we attempt to do the following things:

• To promote sustainable tourism with quality service.
• To help boost the economy in poorer regions through tourism.
• As per the above point, to promote remote areas as a potential touristic areas.
• To contribute to social welfare programs.
• To help to the victims of natural disasters.
• To help orphans and homeless children get an education.
• To protect and promote our local culture and customs.