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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Undoubtedly, Nepal is the best place for mountains, mountaineering & peak climbing as it is home to many of the highest mountains including Mount Everest. Currently more than 326 peaks are available for expedition in Nepal with an additional 33 minor peaks designated as "Trekking Peaks of Nepal" under the rules and regulations of the 'Nepal Mountaineering Association' (NMA).

Nepal is a mountaineering country with Mt. Everest and several other major mountains, which have elevated her prestigious status in the mountaineering world. Eight of the world’s highest ten peaks, all of which are above 8,000m, are found in Nepal, as well as innumerable other peaks between six to eight thousand meters high. There are currently 236 peaks for expeditions and 18 minor peaks, considered trekking designations. These trekking and climbing peaks are located in attractive settings and can be organized in a short period of time. These trekking peaks will certainly give you greater possibilities to witness the spectacular views of the Himalayas with relatively easy access to these mountains.

Those considering doing a climbing peak should be in sound physical condition with some outdoor background. Besides this, the climber should have the basic knowledge of rope- handling and other climbing equipment before attempting the true summit. Climbing these mountains in Nepal is controlled under the rules and regulations set forth by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). You will not only climb the peaks but also challenge your courage and sense of adventure.

Nepal Peak Climbing